German tax law

Your support in English language ...

Although the German tax law should be simplified by the government and legislators for a long time, the regulations often get more complicated and extensive.


The periodic changes require -in the private sector but inevitably in professional business- regular consultancy services in order to achieve an individual tax planning and optimization, and to consider the legal requirements in accounting and payroll.


My office has many foreign clients who established a further business with a registered office in Germany.

I am proud to have an international client-structure with administrations from Kanada, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, China, France, Spain, India, Italy, Great Britain, Belgium, Russia, Turkey and Netherlands.

By using DATEV-software I can offer you the accounting, financial statements and annual accounts in English.



Tax consultancy for businesses + professionals

  • Financial accounting and financial statements

  • Payroll calculations (health insurance, trade association)

  • VAT announcement

  • European Sales Listing (ESL / ZM)

  • annual tax returns

  • annual accounts, interim balance sheets

  • publishing of annual accounts in the federal gazette (Bundesanzeiger)

  • assistance in case of finance office audits

  • Advice on special tax problems

  • Representation in front of the fiscal authorities

Establishment of new business / start-up

  • Business plans

  • registration of company

  • I work in cooperation with lawer & notary

Private taxes (employee, manual workers, pensioner, etc.)

  • Income tax declaration

  • declarations ref. Inheritance and Gift Tax Act


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